Watch Dogs Legion with a big update. New characters, tools, and more

Watch Dogs Legion has received a very important content update.

Players can try some important new features. This applies to those who have a season pass as well as to those who do not.

Players who spend time in a futuristic virtual London have the right to be dissatisfied. Compared to Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, the new Watch Dogs advances very slowly and it appears that Ubi prefers its Assassin series.

Fortunately, there are a lot of new features making their way to Watch Dogs Legion.

Update 4.05 will appear on the servers at noon today.

Fans of this production will benefit from exciting new features.

The first novelty will appeal to seasonal ticket owners. The patch introduces Minda Sidhu to the game. A new special intruder can control the minds of enemies and it appears to be extremely powerful. Additionally, those with the Season Pass can expect a new mission – ‘Move Right’.

There was also news of the situation online. It will be enriched by three new cooperative missions and five missions. In addition, there will also be two new devices: Guardian Drone and Point Defense Drones.

The base game will also be developed. We will be able to join two additional character classes: DJ and Lifeguard. You can use it in single player mode and in multiplayer battles.

Finally, a new but long-awaited minor feature for players. If you missed the possibility to customize more advanced hacks in Legion, Ubi just implemented it. Publisher promises to bring more updates to the game soon.

Ubisoft’s official update video

Ubisoft Games News

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