Watch German live TV broadcasts abroad with a VPN

With a VPN, you can watch German TV online – no matter which corner of the world you are in.

eSometimes it is not easy to receive German TV over the Internet when you are abroad. Because broadcasters have taken precautions that everything is not available at all times. And it doesn’t matter if you are running ARD, ZDF, RTL or Pro Sieben; The general and private broadcasters rarely agree on this topic. Broadcasters also put a country lock on certain content Is called geoblocking. If the provider determines from your IP that you are not in Germany, the screen will remain black or you will receive an error message. Here VPN (FifthEarthwall sActivates NNetwork) help. With a VPN service, you can get a German IP address, no matter where you are, and open the blocked content again. COMPUTER BILD shows which VPN providers are best for this and how they all work.

Best VPN services

Best VPN services



  • Ease of handling
  • Very large server selection
  • Excellent security



  • Available for many systems
  • There is no limit to the device
  • Strong speeds



  • A private server for broadcasting
  • A very large group of countries
  • Very good additional functions

Country lock for live German TV

The country-specific ban applies to both the service providers’ live shows and their media libraries. To do this, you need to know that broadcasters are not obligated to make their content available everywhere. There has been a so-called European Union portability regulation since 2018, which states that broadcasting should be possible for users of a service anywhere in the European Union – but this only applies to pure payment services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or paid versions of Video- – Demand platforms like Zattoo Premium and Joyn +. With shows available for free from Zattoo and Joyn, the limit is already out of national borders. But even with a premium subscription, you aren’t always okay, because the dose makes the poison. For example, if you stay outside in Zattoo for a longer period of time, the service will stop reception after 90 days. This is not a solution for users who live abroad permanently but still want to receive German TV online.

Lift the geo-ban for Live TV

So should you look at the foreign tube now? Absolutely. With the right VPN service, you can easily connect to a German server and then receive all series and movies as well as German live TV broadcasts without any problems. But not all VPN services are suitable for this task, and you should be especially careful with free providers: they are quickly turning into a real data octopus. If you want to be on the safe side, it is best to use one of the suppliers tested by COMPUTER BILD. More on this below.

How to Watch German TV via VPN

Once you have decided on the VPN service, you can start: Select a German server in the VPN and then connect to the website of the desired station via your browser. Or you use a platform like Joyn, then you have all the important channels under one roof. But even if you missed out on something on live TV, don’t worry. With a VPN, you can easily view all German media libraries from ARD, ZDF, Arte or RTL. You can enjoy your home program wherever you are. And let’s be honest: Who hasn’t always wanted to see a “dream ship” under real palm trees?

Best German Live TV VPN Provider

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