We have discovered a mysterious wave near the center of the earth, scientists need to understand

Now if you think that our planet is completely known and has no mysterious parts, you are very much mistaken. A large part of the world is mysterious, dangerous and where no one is: inside.

Recently, a team of scientists discovered a new type of magnetic wave that sweeps over the center of our planet’s surface every seven years.

Grenoble Alps University

“Geophysicists have long speculated about the existence of such waves, but they have been thought to take place on longer scales than our research has shown,” says Nicholas Gillette, a geophysicist at the University of Grenoble in France.

“Magnetic field measurements of instruments based on the Earth’s surface suggest that there is some kind of wave action, but we need the global protection provided by measurements from space to reveal what is really going on.”

Basically the magnetic field makes us live. Imagine being a kind of safety bubble that protects us from the planet’s orbit and external radiation. This shield is made from the center of the earth and is not fixed, it fluctuates in strength, size and shape. We do not understand many of its characteristics but we know that it gradually weakens over time.

The study of these magnetic waves helps to better understand their nature and function.

“Magnetic waves can be triggered by deep disturbances within the Earth’s liquid center, which may be related to floating blooms,” says Gillette.

“Our research, there may be other similar waves, probably for a long time, but their discovery is based on further research.”

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