“We have to give people something back to test them.”

Linz. “The test should be beneficial personally outside the hairdresser,” Linz Mayor Klaus Luger suggests that after vaccination or with negative test results, people can meet more people in private, or allow cultural and cultural events to provide food to visit the sports area.

The mayor of Linz emphasized in the introduction that “the federal government is increasingly losing support for the population in the fight against the pandemic,” and thus made a proposal Friday to return to the common position:

“People who have already been vaccinated behind and people who can show a negative test should have the opportunity to meet in private, even beyond the current possibilities. For the same group of people, I suggest that they are also allowed to visit hostels. This should of course also apply to selling. Retail, as well as on the reopening of cultural and sporting events. “

Offer permanent test since January 25th

In Upper Austria, there has been a long-term test offer since January 25 this year. 1.7 million tests have already been carried out in this case, which is a very high number. You can see that many are ready to test in order to protect themselves and others. “

The positive rate in the tests, at an average of 0.27%, is the same as the previous year. But according to Luger: “With the exception of visits to the hairdresser and personal services, there is currently no personal benefit from testing in a disciplined manner.”

“The desire to test yourself again will decrease.”

Of course, the Mayor of Linz also understands that the cultural organizer cannot currently sell 1,400 tickets to an event. “But is it really impossible to give something back to about 100 people for their discipline by being able to attend events like this again?”

It will also be an opportunity to bring out illegal people who do not actually comply with government guidelines. And the will of the responsible people will decrease if we do not allow it in the future.

Specifically, according to Luger – with the exception of the Braunau region – it will currently be possible to implement these opening steps in Upper Austria.

The situation is stable in Linz

“Despite the increase since the beginning of March, we also enjoy a stable situation in our city. Also with hospitalization, you can see that even today there are 40 Linzers in a hospital, 11 in the intensive care unit, in a city of 208,000 inhabitants. The most important thing is that this number is relatively stable and stable. “

In conclusion, Luger called for “the federal government to give officials more regional powers.” We will be ready to assume this responsibility. “

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