We need modern security tools to improve border security – GIS Commander

Justina Oso Panahini interacts with officials

Superintendent Mohamed Khaled, Samba Border Commander in Ghana Immigration Service (GIS), appealed to provide operational logistics to improve patrols on the Ghana-Cote d’Ivoire border in the northern Jaman district of the Beno district.

Sopt. Khaled made the call in an interview with Ghana News Agency (GNA) when Puno Regional Minister Ms. Justina Osu Panahin visited and interacted with GIS officers in Samba, a border town.

As part of her visit to the region, the regional minister visited the Border Command to assess the readiness of the General Intelligence to provide security in the wake of terrorism and extremist attacks in parts of Africa.

Sopt. Khaled said the leadership lacks modern security equipment and devices to improve surveillance in border communities and unauthorized roads in the area.

He said there are about 48 unauthorized roads in the area, saying that 138 driving personnel need motorcycles to intensify patrols and facilitate efficient operations.

Despite this, admin. Khaled said the leadership has improved marking systems and advanced patrols along the border and added that there is a dire need for motorcycles.

He said the leadership needs more metal detectors to monitor criminal activities and the illegal import of explosives and weapons across the border.

Sopt. Khalid also expressed concern about the weak telecommunications networks in the area and called for more JOTA to enable staff to easily move security information to the GIS headquarters in Accra.

Ms. Oso Panahin commended the GIS staff for their patriotism and promised to ensure that their concerns are taken into account to improve border security in the region.

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