We saw in the virtual reality version of Hitchhiker

If Hitchhiker had undeniable charm, he totally couldn’t convince us when he was released on flat screen, now let’s see the impact of his transition to virtual reality.

After the launch of Hitchhiker – A Mystery Game Apple Arcade then on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch Last year, the Germans from Mad About Panda decided to wear their nickname in virtual reality. Versus Evil is still publishing it, and this VR version of the game is available from March 10, 2022 to me €19.99 In the Meta Store, both are for Quest 2 And to get crack. If we had already given our opinion in our testing of the original version, we also wanted to take a look at this new port.

Kaepernick, Nick, Nick

It must be said that the title, apart from the chapter where we find ourselves seated at a dinner table typical of American roads, puts us throughout the adventure, or almost, like Passenger of various motorists who take us to our memoryall in a subjective view. So the program lends itself particularly to contemplation of his being. During the long exchanges you have with your hosts. So it seems quite normal to think of a VR version, especially since the release of Attractive low poly graphicswith characters with somewhat elegant faces but with a stretch strawberry lip syncWell suited for exercise.

It seems only natural to think of the VR version.

And it actually works great, at least When you position yourself correctly Sit comfortably in our assigned seat. The game doesn’t really adapt to our location in space, so it’s up to us to move around a bit to make things more believable, even if it’slack of legs It is very annoying. I played Hitchhiker of course Sit along the way In this sense it can be addressed to everyone. However, the Intermittent vehicle animationespecially with the teacher looking for his dog while going around in circles in the neighborhood, especially when taking sudden turns, can prove somewhat Annoying for a more fragile stomach. These two examples show that efforts to adapt the game to virtual reality are clearly insufficient, but they are not.

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One last RV for the road

The program only uses a file gaze helmet, while using controllers such as a mouse. The fist button is used to direct the objects you want to interact with, the trigger to validate actions, but that’s it. So one controller is enough. The very limited gameplay of the game would have benefited from giving us the possibility to play around with some elements of the decor to immerse ourselves more., but no, we keep the same concept as in the flat screen. And that’s even Sometimes it’s hard to achieve. Where VR could have allowed the title to enhance gameplay and immersion, it works the other way around, which is too bad. One thing still managed for VR, that’s the translation (the game has very good English subtitles with French subtitles).

Efforts to adapt the game to virtual reality are clearly insufficient.

In fact, this is part of a rectangle with a black background that is easy to read and accompanies the look so that we can continue to read it in all circumstances. On the other hand, they can scroll a little too fast (doubles are also sometimes cut before the end of the sentence), and above all, the quadrilateral is still very large and Embarrassingly obscures a lot of the scene. When the game asks you to choose from several options, on the other hand, you have to think about it Turn your head to see the text displayed at a fixed point. As for the translation, it has not been revised unfortunately, at least it is not enough, There are always missing words and always very strange mistakes or twists of phrases. As for the script, with its philosophical reflections, it remains the same with the basic puzzles to be solved.

The road trip has its charmsDefinitely by his side contemplative And sometimes under acidity, calm down High quality soundtrackBut the transition to virtual reality did not convince us more, Not really adapting to virtual reality. However, there was still potential for exploitation, but that’s unfortunately leave on the side.

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