“We sell Labelle Pompeii as tools for tourists: Improvement”

Provocation by Massimo Osana, Director General of Museums: Sale of the Labelle flower in Pompeii as a tool for tourists as an appraisal project.

I sell Labelle Pompeii Come a tool ai Tourists: It’s not the same a joke, But an idea Massimo OsanaHe is the former director of the Archaeological Park of Pompeii, and today the General Director of Italian Museums. He said this during reading Osana held on Wednesday to open the academic year of the Faculty of Architectural Heritage and Landscape at Federico II University in Naples.

“My new challenge is to bring Pompeian best practices to all Italian museums and archaeological sites, while extending scheduled maintenance projects to each site,” Osana said. Among the ideas that could be applicable according to Osana is there as well Sell ​​Vesuvius lapilli to tourists: He said this at the end of his speech, answering a question about potential future projects to promote Deposit materials.

Osana said, “There is a quintal and quintal of lapeliness in the sediments, which are now accumulating in the area that has not been excavated. I would like (I have not succeeded yet) in making us a project for improvement: I would like to sell them as tools. Bottles with labelle inside and sell them. I didn’t succeed because I didn’t have time Material to devote myself, because it is a very complex problem, so much so that at a certain point there was also an episode in which we had to bring this lapele to Bulgaria where it was. For our movie that was produced, but we had a problem with the officials because we thought they would be banned at customs. So we gave up. “. Osana continued, “I left lapelle in the past to companies, and I think it made a small profit as well, because it is an important material for construction, instead it would be good to improve it in this way as well.”

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Pictured: Massimo Osana

Massimo Osana: We sell Labelle Pompeii as tools for tourists: gentrification

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