We still need such a genius smartphone

Tesla makes electric cars, not cell phones – as far as it should be known. But should this also be the case in the future? Elon Musk has already built some crazy startups and eventually also implemented crazy ideas, the phone will be almost “normal” there. Looking at this draft, we can’t help but declare: We’re still missing something like this on our show.

Tesla’s first smartphone: the idea of ​​a mobile concept

What if Tesla smart phone will builds? How would such a device want to win customers and what would it be like for Apple’s iPhone? Only one at the moment default questionHis answer is very interesting. However, that was thought of Designed by Antonio de Rosawho drew some ingenious Apple designs in the past.

His basic idea: A Tesla smartphone can and probably will Integrate the world of Elon Musk productsJust as Apple sees the iPhone as a link to other Apple products and services. This can actually work, after all, Tesla customers are as excited as Apple fans … Tesla has always been a cult, not just an electric car maker.

The glaring features of a potential Tesla smartphone

And it will be Tesla Bay Model It’s also at the heart of Mr. Musk’s extravagant products. lets take alook …

Photo: Antonio de Rosa.

Electronic vehicle control: Obviously, the Tesla smartphone should also be able to control its own electric car from the company of the same name, including everything from air conditioning to key functions. Not surprising yet.

Photo: Antonio de Rosa.

Neuralink connection: But now it’s really exploding. With “Neuralink”, the founder of Tesla has developed and has been working on the so-called brain-computer interface since 2016, that is, a device that establishes the connection between the human brain and the computer. Well, one of those could come in the form of this smartphone.

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Photo: Antonio de Rosa.

Application connection for flame launcher: If you forgot, Musk’s Boring Company must be best known for selling a specially developed flamethrower. In the future, it can be customized using a convenient application on the Tesla smartphone.

Photo: Antonio de Rosa.

Starlink Antenna: With Starlink, it makes catch fast satellite internet to get rid of them. So far, however, a separate antenna is required for this. But what if this is already built into the smartphone in a miniature form?

Photo: Antonio de Rosa.

Marsquin Mining: Of course, using a Tesla smartphone, you can also mine the cryptocurrency “Marscoin” directly. The latter has no direct relationship with Elon Musk and Tesla, but the founder of Space X is a clear fan of the red planet. FYI: Private cryptocurrency is used to fund missions to Mars – and that’s exactly what Mr. Musk does.

Photo: Antonio de Rosa.

Astrophotography Of course, the Carl Zeiss camera system would be so great that it would be ideal for astrophotography. True to the motto: “To infinity and much more.”

And what else can a Tesla smartphone offer? obviously, Solar cells is a matter of course and Ultrasonic fingerprint sensors in the screen It is no longer science fiction. When it comes to an operating system, you will likely get one without further ado Android Infrastructure You don’t have to reinvent the wheel again.

Tesla’s head is already a crazy dog:

minimum …

Our rating: Even if there is only one currently crazy idea Is this a Tesla smartphone Customers will find. Definitely among the Tesla drivers, but maybe one other Apple and Samsung user will turn around and buy the right electric car later. A win-win situation for Mr. Musk.

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