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A big pair of feet, psychedelic duct tape, a track bed somewhere and graffiti everywhere: Haus was a special kind of urban art gallery. Also because it was demolished two months later despite the rush of visitors. Haus is now celebrating its return – as the NFT Group for Virtual Reality.

In the Matrix, Neo is given a choice: a red or blue pill. One brings him back to his virtual world of dreams, and the other opens up reality for him. The Wachowskis’ classic Cyberpunk packages an ancient cognitive problem that has a common mould in modern philosophy of mind in Hilary Putnam’s Mindful Experiment. What can we know, what is truth and what is reality? In moving into the metaverse, these questions will be renegotiated. Virtual realities transform our perception, transport our sensory organs into simulated worlds and convey a sense of transcendent states of consciousness. This sounds abstract, but it’s becoming more and more concrete due to the Metaverse’s warming simulation mechanism. Crypto art project TheHaus on Chain shows how it “feels” to be here and elsewhere at the same time – with the help of NFTs.

“This is our home”

165 Artists: Inside, 10,000 square meters of exhibition space and over 70,000 visitors: Inside: The house was full of favourites. The setting for one of the world’s finest urban art galleries was a former and now dilapidated bank building in Kurfürstendamm, Berlin, which became an art playground for two months before wrecking balls rolled. Each of the more than 100 rooms has been individually designed, torn down, arranged and transformed into a Clash of Styles journey. Once the room fixtures blossomed, they also quickly disappeared again. The building is no longer standing, and the exhibition ended in June 2017. However, Haus is making its own NFT transformation on the blockchain.

Home initiators DIE DIXONS, a street art crew from Berlin, have come together with start-up NFT BLNF and specialized reality AR/VR They collaborated to revive the gallery as an irreplaceable token set. Room by room, floor by floor, the gallery is now put back together again and almost as accessible as TheHaus on Chain. Like Augmented Reality NFT, rooms can either be dragged onto the screen or entered directly as Virtual Reality NFT with virtual reality glasses. The first NFTs are already available in AR form as an open version for €50, and as a VR version in limited numbers for €250 each. open sea The exhibition will continue until the end of January he goes! NFT in Berlin Schöneberg.

NFT- Paralleluniversum

“Ultimately, Haus on Chain is a metaverse in its own right,” explains BLNFT co-founder Turbine Jacobi, the concept for BTC-ECHO. NFTs expand the scope of work and allow miniature metaverses to emerge as a venue for immersive frontier experiences. Co-founder Sven Barth adds: “The nice thing is that you not only have an image, but an NFT that you can interact with.” NFTs also enable other features: “Through the Members Area, NFT owners can also access additional content such as artist interviews, live events, or DJ sets.”

This is the gateway to multilayer NFTs home location“If you have an NFT, you can log in there, you will receive a code and with that code you can either feed your VR glasses, smartphone or tablet,” explains Sven. The stairs and the corridor are not for sale, but for loyal collectors: the inside is free. “It won’t be available in sales, but if you have an entire floor, you’ll get NFTs up front.” In this way, the NFTs gradually coalesce together to form a complete work of art, with the goal of “allowing you to move around the house”.

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Projects like TheHaus on Chain push the boundaries of what is possible, break transitions between physical and virtual reality, and show new possibilities for interaction in the NFT sector. Reviving the temporary exhibition The Haus is an experiment where cryptocurrency, art, and virtual reality are interconnected and the cycle closes: after artists occupied The Haus, Haus now occupies a polygonal blockchain – ephemeral fast in the digital world.

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