What about the future of quantum computing?

At the start of 2021, the French president embarked on a plan Quantum technology race. On January 21, Emmanuel Macron pledged to invest slightly less 2 billion euros Distributed 5 years in ‘Quantum plane’.

The goal of the French head of state is to achieve a « Hybrid Sleeve Computer ” By 2023. In other words, he wants to develop a machine with enormous power that exceeds the power of an ordinary computer. This technology is based on integrating Quantum Physics Than in computing. The principle is to take advantage of the specific properties of the particles.

France is seeking to develop a universal quantum computer

To achieve Hybrid computerEmmanuel Macron devoted about half of the amount to ‘Quantum plane’. This sum is distributed in a way to develop: quantum communication methods, quantum sensors, quantum post-coding and quantum-related technologies. These first steps are aimed at setting up the hybrid computer as well Quantum simulators.

On the other hand, the hybrid computer will be used in many fields such as chemical sciences, computational technologies, and artificial intelligence near future. When you are done The quantum plane, It’d be all about achieving a performance Universal quantum computer.

The colossal power of a quantum computer

Scientists mostly converge on quantum technology for one simple reason: Superposition principle. According to this quantum principle, a particle can appear In many states Quantum at a time. By applying this principle to computing, the power of a machine is reflected Exponentially increase.

Computer enthusiasts know this, prof Slightly just take Two values Separately, these values ​​are 1 or 0. As for QubitOr, more simply Quantum bit, It can take Many values.

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Concretely, let’s take an example of a game that consists of searching for an exit between several paths. A normal computer will take longer and longer depending on the number of tracks, because it can only explore one path at a time. A quantum computer can easily pass through it at the same time, so it ends the game. Much faster.

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Quantum technology at the service of science

This computing power has many potential applications, but the areas that will benefit you the most are Chemistry And the Materials science. This perspective was already on the mind of a physicist. Richard Feynman. In 1982, he was already thinking about the viability of a quantum computer. He believed that simulating physical quantum systems would only be possible with Quantum technology.

This estimate, which dates back to the 1980s, has been shown to be correct. Indeed, to achieve Simulation of the penicillin molecule-You will need a computer with it 1082 Transistors. This number is astronomical, because the visible universe contains fewer than 10 atoms82. However, penicillin is a fairly simple molecule of 41 atoms and 242 electrons.

On the other hand, prof 286 qubits are a quantum computer Logic suffices to simulate this molecule in theory.

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