What are the 10 best-selling Pokemon video games in the world?

popularity Pokemon Far from weak! This epic staple and its hundreds of creatures, which launched in 1996, have begun to grab the attention of many players, episode after episode, and are about to hit hard again at the end of the year with their release. scarlet pokemon And Violet.

But which editions have been sold the most? Here is the list of games Pokemon The best seller in the world today.

1. Pokemon Red, Blue and Green: 31.38 million copies

Unsurprisingly, these are clearly early versions of Pokemon , released on the Game Boy between 1996 and 1999, which took the top spot. In France, we were able to spot pocket monsters in the fall of 2019 thanks to Pokemon Red And Pokemon Bluewhile Japanese audiences could play it for three years already, after finding out about the series with the releases red And green.

This first episode offered a great adventure like never before on a portable console. The basics are laid out: We embody a young trainer who must travel through the Kanto region, defeat the champions of different arenas to become the master of the Pokémon League, and capture as many of these pocket monsters as possible as he explores. Among the first 151 creatures introduced, we find the basic Pikachu, Charizard, Jigglypuff or Mewtwo, but also the mysterious Mew, whose absence in the cartridge contributed to the game’s success by ensuring word of mouth. But do you know who the first real Pokemon was?

2. Pokémon Sword and Shield: 24.27 million copies

More surprising: it is one of the last games Pokemon The one who takes second place comes out. This proves the tremendous success of the license which has not lost any of its power after celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2021. Released in 2019, Pokemon Sword And Pokemon Shield These are the first games Pokemon Not released on Nintendo Switch, after re-releases red And bluebaptized Let’s go Pikachu And Let’s go Evie .

Several reasons can explain this success. On the other hand, the installed base of the Nintendo Switch is quite large, which necessarily facilitates sales. On the other hand, it is the first great console adventure developed by Game Freak studio, at the origin of the saga. Lifelong fans have been waiting for this transformation for a long time, which led to a free exploration area called Wilderness, where you can watch Pokémon roam free.

3. Pokémon Gold and Silver: 23.70 million copies

Before the surge Sword And shieldsuccess pokemon gold And CapitalThe releases that opened the second generation in 1999 on the Game Boy seemed out of reach for all of the following games. Set a few years after releases red And bluethese new adventures take us to Johto, an area next to Kanto.

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As they design, releases He went And Capital Game Freak developers considered the last to appear. They never imagined that the series would continue! This second generation improves the concept by balancing the game, and introduces many new features: day and night cycle, pokemon reproduction, connected objects, berries … the step taken is important, the adventure is more intense thanks to the ability to return to Kanto once the role of Gohto is over .

4. Pokemon Diamond Pearl: 17.67 million copies

It was in September 2006 that Pokemon Diamond And Pearl. These are the first releases to appear on the Nintendo DS, Nintendo’s newest portable console that succeeded the Game Boy Advance. his privacy? Two screens allow you to view more information. Holiday Pokemon Take advantage of this in particular to move the combat menus to the bottom screen, in order to take advantage of the entire top screen to display the action, with larger and therefore more detailed sprites.

This is the fourth generation of Pokemon It is also distinguished by the relationship it maintains with its predecessors: it introduces new evolutions to ancient notable creatures. Appeared for the first time in new editions sparkling diamond And Sparkling Pearl Released in the fall of 2021, the Sinnoh district has also been central to Pokemon Legends: Arceus an all-new open-ended adventure game that was released at the beginning of 2022.

5. Pokémon X and Y: 16.62 million copies

In 2013, epic Pokemon Coming to the Nintendo 3DS. For the occasion, it’s working on a real graphic evolution and replacing avatar sprites with 3D models of Pokémon during battles. The console’s 3D hologram also allows you to see the clashes prominently. However, the biggest novelty is the addition of the Fairy genre, in order to rebalance the combat system and challenge the Dragon Pokémon a little more.

The X and Y versions of Pokémon are the first games in the main saga to include 3D models. | nintendo

This sixth generation is also honored to take place in France, or at least in a region largely inspired by France, Calos. So we are happy to rediscover some emblematic places like Paris, the Eiffel Tower, Lille or even Mont Saint-Michel, with Pokemon sauce.

6. Pokemon Sun and Moon: 16.28 million copies

Right after France, video games Pokemon He took us to Alola, a Hawaiian-inspired archipelago. This is the area where the transcription takes place Sun And moon Very different from its predecessors, has a charming and luxurious nature. Jungles, volcano, waterfalls… The trip is definitely worth seeing!

In the Sun and Moon versions, the Pokémon in the bean is basking under the Alola sun. | nintendo

The plot of the seventh generation revolves around the super monster, which are strange looking unusual creatures that threaten Alola. Fortunately, to defend themselves, humans and Pokemon can rely on the four guardians of the islands, the mighty Pokemon the Fairies. Revamped versions were released soon after, featuring a host of new creatures and a new storyline: Pokemon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon.

7. Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire: 16.22 million copies

The Game Boy Advance is currently the only Nintendo console to have hosted only one generation of Pokémon. This is the third case with Pokemon Ruby And sapphirereleased in 2002. This time we move away from Kanto and Gohto, and discover Hoenn, a large island inspired by Kyushu, the southern island of Japan.

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Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire put the player in the grip of an environmental disaster. | nintendo

We have the opportunity to discover the desert and even the volcano for the first time, with shoulders rubbing shoulders with a horrific plot: two rival gangs, Team Aqua and Team Magma, are already threatening the balance of the environment using the powers of the legendary Pokémon. In addition to an overhaul of stats that makes these games incompatible with any previously released games, Pokemon Ruby And sapphire It introduces talents to each Pokemon, i.e. passive abilities that make it unique.

8. Pokémon Black and White: 15.64 million copies

versions black And white from Pokemon Compatible with the fifth generation. Released in 2010 on the Nintendo 3DS, it allows us to travel for the first time outside of Japan. In fact, the new Unova district is inspired by New York. More urban and modern than its predecessors, it offers camera effects in places to highlight the giganticness of the place.

The Black and White versions of Pokémon send players to Unova, a New York-inspired region. | nintendo

But what distinguished the players at that time was the desire to create a break with the previous matches. In fact, until the end of the game, we did not encounter any of the ancient creatures. Not even Pikachu! A great first…it hasn’t been repeated since, quite the opposite. However, with Bestary consisting of 156 new faces (the largest in the saga), a well-made plot, high difficulty, and an exciting area, Pokemon Black And white It is definitely one of the most important episodes. Fortunately, an equally captivating sequel appeared much later: Pokemon Black 2 And white 2.

9. Pokémon Sparkling Diamond and Sparkling Pearl: 14.65 million copies

It was just released and is already in the top 10! Pokemon Sparkling Diamond And Sparkling Pearl, the fourth generation reproduced on the Nintendo Switch, was already released in the fall of 2021. Although these new versions are very close to the originals, including on the charts, they are the best-selling in the history of the series. Once again, the proven Nintendo Switch base and licensing madness Pokemon motivated pokemon go They are certainly no strangers to her.

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However, the contributions of this release are minimal compared to previous reproductions. green leaf And red fire He added a whole section of the scenario with an archipelago to explore after the pokemon league. heart of gold And silver spirit Incorporating many new features taken from the fourth generation. Omega Ruby And Alpha SapphireIn addition to an amazing graphical overhaul, it introduced a legendary stakeholder quest and a new story line.

10. Pokemon Yellow: 14.64 million copies

video game Pokemon It was made into an anime, and the anime in turn was made into a video game! It’s an Arbok biting off its tail, but that didn’t stop the release yellow from Pokemon To experience great success despite its great similarity to the versions red And blue.

Pikachu has got his own version: the yellow version of Pokemon! | nintendo

Among the differences, there is of course the fact that the adventure started with Pikachu rather than Bulbizarre, Charmander or Squirtle. We also meet Team Rocket, or rather Jessie and James with Meowth, the villains of the anime.

And then?

While it was only released at the beginning of 2022, Pokemon Legends: Arceus Already sold over 12 million copies! This new adventure with an immersive and innovative approach should force itself without much difficulty in the top ten of the epic bestsellers. Pokemon.

But above all release at the end of the year scarlet pokemon And purple that you will need to monitor. The ninth generation is already reaching the Nintendo Switch fleet larger than it was at the time of its releaseSword And shieldand the promise of an open world that could bring in a whole new audience, like Breath of the wild did it for the legend of zelda .

What are the 10 best-selling Pokemon video games in the world?

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