What are the most polluted appliances in our homes?

We pollute when we watch a series, when we email and even when we like a photo of someone we like on Instagram. And to keep all the digital stuff at home, we’re mining, and we’re doing a lot of things that pollute.

It’s hard to live without digital technology. However, it is true that we can also sometimes ask moderation crumbs that will have an impact on the environment. concretely, What pollutes my house the most?, between a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone?

“The size of the device will have a huge impact. Not everyone consumes the same energy. For example, a laptop is designed to be optimized to the maximum so that its battery will last as long as possible. So he will eat less than a stationary computer”, Florence Kleiman, public information officer for ADEME, explains.

“Cell phone is also consuming Less than a laptop. The more large TVs there are, the more electricity they consume. And the more apps you install on your phone, the more notifications you receive and the more digital pollution you have. must therefore”Uninstall apps which you don’t really need” and “don’t turn on GPS if you don’t really need it”.

“In the same way, from time to time, it can Turn off some things When we are at home. For example, being on Wi-Fi all the time instead of 4G. Things like that really allow us to benefit from device consumption,” sums up Florence Clement.

Remember to check the device’s repairability index

To avoid digital pollution, “it is up to everyone to act,” Florence Kleiman sums up. “We, as consumers, have a real choice. We can really choose that Keep our devices for as long as possible. For example, keeping a computer for four years instead of two actually reduces the environmental impact by 50%,”

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“currentlyAnd manufacturers too It can reduce environmental impacts by allowing all this equipment to operate for as long as possible, and thus by making it more repairable, for example, whether it is computers or mobile phones,” recommends Florence Clement.

“Besides, there is a file repairability index on mobile phones, computers and even on TVs letting you know if the device will be easy to repair or not. So this is a score of 10 as in school, the closer to 10 the easier the device is to repair,” she concludes.

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