What if Apple turned MacBooks into wireless chargers for iPhones?

In 2020, Apple took a big step forward with its computers. While I’ve used Intel processors for years, the Cupertino company finally decided to start the transition to Apple Silicon processors that it designs based on Arm technologies.

This move should allow Apple to have more control over its devices. Arm technologies also allow for more powerful and energy efficient machines.

The first computers to use an Apple Silicon chip instead of Intel chips were the Mac mini, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro that Apple launched in the fourth quarter of 2020. These devices use the M1 processor (very close to the processors used by the iPhone and iPad).

Everything indicates that thanks to this new chip, Apple will be able to increase its sales of computers. In addition, for future generations of MacBook, the company is already thinking of new improvements that will make these devices more interesting.

Usually, Apple this year is expected to release new chipsets that perform better than the M1. But the company is apparently also studying new features, such as the ability to charge an iPhone by placing it on a MacBook.

great idea

Currently, the iPhone already supports wireless charging. And with iPhone 12, Apple improved this technology by introducing the MagSafe feature (attaching the wireless charger with a magnet).

Soon, you might be able to use your MacBook as a wireless charging pad as well. In fact, in an article published this week, our colleagues at 9to5Mac posted an Apple patent describing a system that allows laptops to be turned into wireless chargers for the iPhone, but also for the Apple Watch.

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The idea is that if the iPhone’s battery is at 0%, the user can place the iPhone on the touchpad, palm rest, or cover, instead of charging a cable or accessory. Wireless charging.

If the idea was cool, it is unfortunately just a patent. Nothing allows us to say that Apple will use this patent for its future products. Companies like Apple have a lot of intellectual property that is not used.

Some rumors have already circulated about the following MacBooks

While the latest MacBooks were released only a few months ago, many rumors have already circulated on the web about the next devices the Cupertino company will offer. For example, some sources suggest that in 2021, Apple should finally release MacBooks with small LED screens (a more interesting technology than LCDs).

Otherwise, the processors that will succeed the M1 chip will already be in development. Apple may equip the next MacBook Pro with a processor with 16 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores. And for more expensive machines, there may also be a processor with 32 cores.

Other than that, in terms of design, Apple could also introduce some new features for its computers for 2021.

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