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you think so Android 12 It was the only version of The operating system fired by google browser for this version? Well, that’s not quite the case. In fact, the IT giant wanted to double the risk by producing a deeply modified and correct alternative, destined for use with certain devices. It is located around Android 12 forThis is a name that was created to meet the needs of a segment of users who have not yet been able to take full advantage ofUser Experience Usually provided by the robot. We know his talents and potential better.

Android 12L What is it?

Before finding out what we are talking about in detail when Android 12L is mentioned, it is right to better understand its nature. As indicated by Google itself, the system in question is considered “drop feature‘: What exactly do you mean? Using this term, Mountain View refers to a specific Version Its software is not necessarily intended for everyone but only for some categories of devices.

Contrary to what happens with the usual Updates-Suitable for installation on all compatible devices, ‘Drops’ offers its best only on the advertised types. In this particular case, Android 12L is designed and built to deliver the best on all of those devices Big Screen, dai wave ai foldable smartphones of modern production.

Android 12L is a novelty that should not be underestimated, given that the latest update made with this goal in mind now goes back to Android 10.

Once installed, the bot’s operating system allows you to interact more easily with the device, favoring normal usage processes in multiple ways. With such a large space to play with, it completely revamps the operating system change of items on Show For a more profitable use of the entire area. In addition, the Show apps that are transmitted on these devices, and usually take on a very irregular appearance. And with the advent of 12 liters, Google is trying to eliminate the problem by providing developers with all the tools to make their software more harmonious and pleasing to the eye, on tablets as well as on themed mobile phones. form factor.

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Android 12L, what do you expect?

Android 12 litersWhat, in practice, Differences Available in Android 12L to make affected devices more functional? They’re different and, as might be expected, they promise to make life easier for those who deal with large screens that, often, require a radically different interaction than that envisioned for basic dimensions and shape. Starts from Notices everyone Quick Settings, which can be accessed by swiping with your finger from the top of a file Show down, along with main screen and job”screen’s lock“. Like Settings show with layout, which is an organization of the existing elements, which differ from those we have come to know over time.

In particular, Google decided to radically change the alerts and quick button positions, creating an ergonomic design for consultation and management.

In the panoramic view, this is what provides the horizontal orientation of Device, the items are shown in order of two columns, each taking advantage of 50% of the available space. always talking about layout, to change is also what vertical division Half the screen to accommodate two different apps, always when the device is in landscape mode.

To total advantage multitasking, it becomes very easy to drag a fileicon from U.S Implementation From Taskbar (Another novelty that has never been integrated on Android yet) in the section, allowingtraining from both content. Then there is the question.letterboxing“, or the black bars appear on my side Show To fill the empty space of applications adapted to the aspect ratio of smartphones.

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With Android 12 L, developers have a chance Appearance management From the areas, it is not only changing the size and shape, making the lines more or less thin, but also defining the color, adding rounded corners or moving the position of the application to give the whole a more visually attractive style.

Android 12L when it becomes available

Android 12 litersAccording to the developments released during the last months of 2021, the operating system should be ready Loading Already during the first months of 2022. After that, users of OEM devices (an abbreviation that stands for “original equipment manufacturer”, that is, “original equipment manufacturer”) will be able to proceed with the installation and finally enjoy all the privileges related to its use.

Obviously, from the web pages dedicated to the operating system, Google wanted to emphasize how this is also achieved for popular smartphones.

As defined by the company itself, it is important to keep in mind that product improvement has been done by thinking specifically about those devices from XL screen And it is not visible in the smallest. Therefore, to be able to experience and deal with all the integrated innovations firsthand, it is essential to be able to rely on one of these devices.

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