What to expect in 2022 with Apple’s VR headset

Apple’s first headphone should be a pair of smart glasses, so they don’t completely obscure our natural vision. Or it could be a full-featured VR headset, akin to something like the Oculus Quest 2.

In the premise of introducing a helmet for augmented reality, Apple is supposed to use a pair of 4K OLED screens, one for each eye. Augmented reality apps will then use cameras to stick external objects into view, rather than overlaying AR objects on top of our normal vision.

Expected appearance of Apple’s AR/VR headset – Credits: Twitter / @ANTIONIODEROSA

This virtual reality-based approach may allow Compatibility with a good range of existing iOS apps, especially Apple Arcade games that are already optimized for use with a gamepad, rather than just a touch screen.

Powerful and independent device

Regarding the power of the device, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said:It will have an advanced processor Computing power is similar to that of M1 for Mac ». There will also be a lower quality slide for “Information technology related to sensors».

Thus, a headset with such computing power can be completely autonomous. With this in mind, its functionality can be extended to the outside world. Only downside, it will be expensive.

Facebook is working hard

Meanwhile, Facebook/Meta is developing the multi-billion dollar internet of the future. Reality meta requires this kind of immersive hardware.

However, there is a fundamental difference between Apple’s approach to virtual reality, augmented reality, and the Meta approach.

«Meta tries to force a class into existence out of sheer will and tens of billions of dollars. By supporting the equipment greatly, The Oculus Quest 2 VR headset is much more expensive Than it might otherwise be, it even spurred adoption before the initial use cases [comme] Games and fitness, be clearSaid Greengart is a well-known technical analyst.

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Perhaps in response to this dangerApple has just appointed the former head of communications for its augmented reality division at Meta, Andréa Schubert.We can conclude that Apple is looking to develop its own virtual world, or at least compatibility to improve the Metaverse experience.

The helmet is expected to be launched in 2022. But since it’s part of a completely new line, there’s no record of this type of product to help us guess when it should appear. Most likely it will be in June at the Apple WWDC or in September at the latest, along with next-generation iPhones.

source : Tkradar

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