What will happen on earth on Sunday, May 8th

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Beware, a solar storm is coming, and many are wondering what will happen to the earth on Sunday, May 8th. The expectation is here.

The The sun Inevitably records a series of explosions and eruptions that provoke greater curiosity. Here is the latest information on this and what might happen next Sunday.

Solar storm in May
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From social networking sites, to emails, to instant messaging applications, many services are available to us, thank you for that. contact With anyone, anytime, anywhere. At the same time we have several devices at our disposal, many of which require, for example, one Internet connection Of course Electrical energy.

Therefore, many of the tools at our disposal cannot function with full autonomy. Precisely in this context, the risk of having to deal with an immediate one does not fail to cause anxiety Solar storm This can cause many problems, especially from a communication perspective. So many are asking themselves Sunday 8 May 2022 What Happens on Earth. So let’s go into details and see what to expect.

The solar storm is coming, what will happen to the earth on Sunday, May 8: Everything you need to know

In the past we have already focused on the possibility of a major solar storm The global blackout of the Internet network. This is due to the impact of repeaters used on submarine cables.

Just hypothesis, it should be emphasized, that this amount of solar storms will be particularly low in the next few years, i.e. between 1.6 and 12%. However, in this context, a message The latest radio blackout for aircraft equipment and various communications systems affecting certain parts of our planet.

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Precisely in this context, in fact, it is interesting to note that over the past two weeks, NASA scientists have been recording many things on the solar surface. High intensity explosions and combustion This caused radio blackouts and interference of GPS connections in various parts of the planet.

The solar storm is coming, what will happen to the earth on Sunday, May 8: Recent Observations

If all this is not enough, according to recent observations, another solar storm is likely to come. The latter is planned Sunday, May 8th For this reason, there are many who want to know what to expect, especially if there is any reason to worry.

Well, thankfully there will be effects of the solar storm Temporary and no worries. As pointed out in the Twitter post of NASA astronomer Tamita Sko, it is good to know some Problems with darkening or GPS reception in radio communications. Temporary problems as already mentioned There should be no particular concern.

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