Whatsapp: the new update makes the smartphone unnecessary

A day can hardly be imagined without a WhatsApp update. How good it is that there is news of the popular messenger again! This time it comes to using multiple devices.

Dortmund – Whatsapp on Laptop or PC – That was the highlight when the giant released this feature. It was stupid to always have a smartphone connected to the Internet at hand. Not anymore. Because WhatsApp has released a so-called multi-device beta.

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Whatsapp brings a new update: Now read messages without a smartphone

Although the popular Messenger is still not available as a tablet or iPad app, it can at least be used on these devices via the browser. Just like your laptop or computer. With the WhatsApp update, a smartphone is no longer necessary – at least after you’ve linked your devices.

Everything is called a multi-device beta. If companion devices are linked, users can use them to access their WhatsApp messages without having to connect a smartphone. Everything is possible for up to four other devices in addition to a smartphone. Whatsapp asserts: “Your messages, media and calls are end-to-end encrypted.”

Whatsapp offers multi-device functionality – with limitations

If the devices are linked to a Whatsapp account, the familiar functions of the Messenger web version can be used. But there are also limitations. First of all, it is still possible to associate only one smartphone with the account.

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If the main device – i.e. smartphone – is not used for more than 14 days, Whatsapp automatically disconnects other associated devices. This is to prevent misuse of Whatsapp account (More digital news in RUHR24).

New function in Whatsapp: Not all features can be used

In addition, not all functions are supported, as Whatsapp explains in a message. Users must dispense with the following:

  • If users are using an iPhone as their main device, they cannot empty or even delete chats on linked devices.
  • Users with a very old version of Whatsapp installed – either by phone call or by text message, cannot be contacted.
  • Live location cannot be tracked on companion devices.
  • It is also not possible to create or view broadcast lists on companion devices.

Whatsapp: This is how users can join the multi-device beta

If you are really interested in the new feature, you can simply join the multi-device functionality. To do this, click on the three dots in the top corner of the Android smartphones, then go to “Linked Devices”, “Multi-Device Beta” and finally “Join Beta”.

Whatsapp is releasing the multi-device beta.

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With Apple smartphones, users have to open Settings at the bottom right and then proceed as with Android. After users join the multi-device beta, the companion devices must be linked again. If you want to turn off the functionality again, you can use the same path to reach the “Unsubscribe beta” button.

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