WhatsApp Web tests the authentication without a smartphone on the computer

WhatsApp Web is a beta test for authentication without a smartphone on a PC. Until then, it was only possible to use WhatsApp on other devices when your smartphone was connected and nearby. With this new system, it becomes possible to open up to four simultaneous WhatsApp sessions to enjoy them permanently on all of your devices. Freshness that has been demanded for years by users.

Credit: WhatsApp

You know the song: Every time you connect a computer to WhatsApp, the app prompts you to scan a QR code from the smartphone app. You can then naturally talk to your friends, share photos and videos.

But beware: If your smartphone is locked or too far away, access to the service on the computer will be cut off. For this reason, among the more than 2 billion WhatsApp users, there are many who regularly request that WhatsApp fully review the authentication on its web and PC version.

WhatsApp will soon allow up to 4 devices to be connected simultaneously without a smartphone

If at first glance it does not seem necessary to allow WhatsApp users to stay in touch from their computers even if their smartphone is too far away or the battery is depleted, We have all encountered these situations in which more and ubiquitous presence could have saved our day.

For example, if you just lost your smartphone and are hoping to be able to contact your loved ones anyway through the computer. We also note that most social networks and messaging apps allow simultaneous use on multiple devices whether or not your smartphone is connected to the Internet.

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or, Things seem to be moving. Users reported that they discovered a test of a new authentication method that no longer depends on the presence of a smartphone and this allows itUse WhatsApp on multiple devices simultaneously. We can read in particular “Smartphone connection is no longer required to use WhatsApp Web, Desktop and Portal. Up to 4 devices can be used simultaneously.”

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At the moment, we don’t know yet if or when this feature will be rolled out to the general public. However, given the strong expectations of such a possibility, it seems likely that we will learn more in the coming weeks.

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