When Augmented Reality Comes to Youtube and Twitch

Vtuber is a completely virtual content creator for Youtube (or Twitch). Whether it was invented or designed, here are videos on the topic.


What is Vtuber?

Vtuber must be distinguished from Effect. Vtuber is a file default youtube. This features a real person hiding behind an avatar. This avatar makes up the public character, often a The character was invented and modeled. Thanks to augmented reality and various programs3D avatar in real timeCreators can talk, move, and replace their avatar. And that’s even while broadcasting live on Twitch, for example.

at 2020estimated at more than 10,000 active VTubers In the world. But there was a real boom during confinement, as many people were worried about them AnonymityTake the live broadcast. So far, this phenomenon has been established in the virtual world, so much so that it is believed to be Flow future. But above all else, this is an introduction to the Metaverse, where everything is headed to go digital. Thus, a real virtual world opens up to us.

Today, moreover, Vtubers full ‘person’ For most people. Like a manga character comes alive. from Vtubers agencies exist to manage it. Like what, it’s a revolution that keeps growing.

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Explanatory or funny videos on the topic:

To help you understand the concept a bit, here are some of them Videos on the topic of Vtuber. In the program are instructional videos to know how to become one in particular. But also face detection!

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And you, what do you think of the Vtuber concept? Tell us in the comments.

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