When the fear of flying becomes a professional disincentive

Especially in times of Covid-19 Work from homeOnline meetings and virtual events are vital measures for many businesses. But although the advance of digitization allows for more flexible organization of daily working life, it also has disadvantages for people such as poor communication experience.

Whether it is a one-day business trip or a multi-year stay abroad, professional travel is important not only for companies, but also for employees. Especially if it supports the profession or even fulfills the long-awaited desire to live abroad. But what if you are so afraid of flying that it is impossible to fly?

Fear of flying can be costly

About 16% of people in Germany suffer from a fear of flying, which is about 13.2 million people. While most of them are not comfortable flying, about six percent of people around the world cannot get on a plane. Not only do business people who fear flying cause billions of dollars in damage each year by allowing millions of flights to expire, they also incur personal losses when their fear of flying makes it impossible to accept certain jobs or excel at work. Combat Fear of Flight Training, as provided by expert owner and instructor Ingrid Richter Fly without stress, it is presented to be the solution. It supports people who are afraid of flying to overcome their fear.

Fear of flying training

Fearless flight training expert Ingrid Richter in a light aircraft that she also uses for training purposes for people with a fear of flying (Photo: Ingrid Richter).

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Since the fear of flying is often dependent on a combination of different factors, there is no definitive cause for the so-called phobia of flying. In the case of children, it can be taken over by parents and negative personal experiences with flying or reports in the media about aircraft accidents can play a role. Often the fear of flying is the so-called passenger syndrome, the fear of not being in control of the situation or the presence of claustrophobia, or claustrophobia. The longer a person avoids flying, the more fear he has. Physical symptoms such as increased heart rate, cold hands, nausea, shortness of breath, choking, and tremors can occur at the thought of flying.

Fear of flying can be cured

In some cases, anxiety books or audiobooks/tapes can help relieve symptoms before or during the flight. Behavioral training that includes rethinking and reassessing the situation and visual training is promising in the long term. In the case of anxiety disorders and especially in the case of specific phobias, cognitive behavioral therapy, in which the triggers of fear are identified and transformed into new images, feelings and thoughts – metaphors, has proven its usefulness. It helps to check and solve the irrational thought patterns that exist in relation to flying for their own reality. There are many programs designed specifically to address the fear of flying, and many experts have helped people manage their fears.

Success in combating fear of flight training

If the fear of flying is not only relieved to the extent that it is possible for the person concerned to board the plane, but also completely disappears, then combating the fear of flight training is usually the right choice. In doing so, all aspects that work together to elicit a fear of flying are comprehensively identified and assessment techniques are learned. These include relaxation exercises such as meditation or hypnosis, awareness training and mindfulness exercises. In addition to face-to-face sessions or an online course, using a flight simulator or an actual flight helps you implement what you’ve learned, and by being able to fly on your own, you lose the fear of losing control. The flight instructor clears up any misconceptions about flying, and explains the technical aspects of flying as well as the take-off and landing process, what happens in turbulence, and where the noise in the plane comes from.

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Expert and trainer Ingrid Richter offers an interesting alternative to enable stress-free air travel in the medium term. with your 5-step plan Learn how to build trust in individuals and entrepreneurs and overcome their fears. In 90 days you go from fear of flying to pilot for 15 minutes.

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