Why are PS5’s DualSense controllers struggling with a drift

According to the iFixit portal, the fault lies in the potentiometers, which are set to stop working very soon.

(Image: iFixit)

Many DualSense models suffer from drift, That is, incorrect input that moves the character in the game or the cursor in the menus regardless of user activityAnd the And you might finally succeed at it Find out why Of this problem. The PS5 console can actually deliver the same annoyance that also plagues some Nintendo Switch Joy-Con.

Sony did not explain the cause of the malfunction or the reason for its appearance only on some units. Lorraine Dale Drifting However it has been assumed before iFixit, The portal specialized in Complete disassembly of technical devices Like smartphones and tablets, but also other very popular gadgets, then rate the actual degree of repair with sounds ranging from 10 to FairPhone to 2 for Surface Duo.

Dual potentiometer
(Image: iFixit)

The last object to activate was the PS5’s DualSense and it appeared that theA weak component correlation appears to be found on potentiometers, Destined to stop working properly. Potentiometers go to perceive the direction and intensity of movements affected by the fingertips on the left and right levers. according to Specify From Japanese alpine manufacturers, these ingredients will have The operating life is 2 million cycles. Too short for those who don’t even play hard, because reliance on the game could mean da From 4 to 7 months, 2 hours per day.

IFixit shows how potentiometers can start to get problematic Even before this estimate. Additionally, there are other structural weaknesses that can contribute to erosion like it Pressing the spring mechanism This helps center the joystick and dirt that builds up over time as the plastic elongates.

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while, A class action has already been initiated In the United States to protect users victims of drift. The action is being promoted by Chemicles studio Schwartz Kriner and Donaldson-Smith, who has already dealt in the past with the same issue with Switch Joy-Con.

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