Why do you see the movie hits on your cell phone?

Secretly, quietly and quietly, a revolution is occurring before all of us, a revolution flowing. It looks like the way we watch movies and series will change forever. And I just don’t get it. Comment from Felix Grabber.

Little by little, the revolution crept in. For many people this is smart phone From a simple mobile phone for a long time Become a universal companion in everyday life – Also a pocket cinema. You only need to look around on the street to see that hardly anyone is against this trend. There are still things with A smartphone cannot replace other devices for me. I work on a PC or laptop, gamble on console and watch movies and series on smart TV – unfortunately it doesn’t work in cinemas at the moment.

Smart TV vs Smartphone: There is a dead end when broadcasting

Apparently I will soon belong to a minorityWe are all experiencing a change: We experience a fleeting moment of technological progress without really realizing it. Because It is just as common to watch movies and series via the app on a smartphone as it is on TV. I do not understand that.

In the current Global Consumer Survey by Statista Recorded: 54 percent of those surveyed watch “digital video content” on their smartphone. That’s not only more than half, but also Completely identical With the proportion of those who use their smart TVs. 54 percent to 54 percent – a delicate balance of power leads me to the question: Just why?

Why do people watch videos on their smartphones? Just watch a video about cats on YouTube during their coffee break or maybe you got a video on WhatsApp – I get it. But then I lack imagination to imagine why I would prefer a smartphone over a TV Or a tablet, that’s what 31 percent said they trust as a device.

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Of course there are passengers watching an episode of their current favorite series while on the train. With mandatory home office and exit restrictions, their share is likely to be low at the moment. So am I supposed to believe that there are people sitting at home turning off the TV and watching a movie on Netflix or Disney + on their cell phone? I hope I am wrong.

In the video: a comparison of broadcast services.

Smartphones cannot keep up with broadcasts

I remember a little too well The movie’s personal big moments: In “Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace” when the movie reel erupts into the cinema while Podracer is racing all over the place. As it did after the first part of the Transformers series With adrenaline-shaking hands Ataxia again in broad daylight. Incredibly impressive 3D worlds from “Avatar: Departure to Pandora,” for which I have paid hefty cinema prices many times over.

Much of it is actually lost when you have to switch from movie screen to TV at home. But looking at blockbuster movies on a smartphone screen measuring a few inches? Or an award-winning series that makes you feel enthralled? Do you like acting in the smallest form? this is real Not a big cinema.

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