Why is it dangerous to post the Qr code of Green Pass

After filling social networks with photos depicting our hand getting vaccinated, now comes another stupid fashion: publish your own Green Boss Complete with Qr-Code. Good to avoid. Guido Scorsa, a member of the Guarantee Board for the Protection of Personal Data, made this point clear. The Authority for the Protection of Personal Data has warned of the dangers posed by spreading the image on social networks.

Scorsa: “Personal Data Mining”

Green Boss’ QR-code is completely unique, Scorsa explained in the program Digital. “It’s a mine of invisible personal data, but readable by anyone who wants to keep our own business in mind.”. In fact, it is possible to know by the code “Who, when, when we were vaccinated, how many doses were given, the type of vaccine, if we have covit, when, if we have a cloth, when, its effect and so on.” In short, all information unknown to everyone, but only Police And those who have the authority to see them if necessary. Among other things, the QR-code should only be scanned using a government utility“It guarantees that only the checker sees whether there is a green pass or not. All other information is, after all, nothing.”

What are the risks?

Giving anyone the opportunity to learn about our health records can lead to traitors “Suppose a person has a disease that is not vaccinated or is against the vaccine”. Once they know this information, attackers can use it “Deny seasonal work and set aside, in short, various forms of discrimination from a particular place. Or even do. Target scams Or to do business specification. We imagine the possibility that this data will end up in a database that can be sold and sold ”. We also remember that disclosing our personal data can be harmful to others. In fact, it will be facilitated “Circulation of false QR-codes frustrating the purpose of secure rotation pursued with Green Pass”.

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Where to Download Green Pass

In order to have the European validity document issued from July 1, we must have completed the entire vaccination process. To have something valid in Italy is already available, even if they have passed 15 days From the first dose of the vaccine. We only need to authenticate with a health card or digital identity (SPIT / C) and have access to the DGC, Digital Green Certificate, a national site managed by SOCA. Once this is done all the green certificates can be downloaded. Green Pass can be downloaded from the IoT and Immune app or from the electronic health record. With regard to the use of IO, the Privacy Guarantor had a veto, which was later removed when Bagoba agreed to stop disclosing citizens’ data to third parties.

Once the object has reached the conditions required to access the Green Pass, an SMS with a temporary password will be sent to download the certificate or view it in the application. The same applies to viewing related certificates Small children. If technology is not our stronghold, you can ask the pharmacist or general practitioner for help as to who will print the green pass by accessing the health card system.

Veronica Tucker

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