Why is the horror game trend really happening in the US right now

The United States is one of the largest technology countries in the world. But how do Americans themselves feel about all this? What trends inspire you, and what trends totally pass you by? This is exactly what Marinella Potor reported – straight from the US – in basic thinking US update. This time she talks about why the horror game Mundaun is crazy.

Halloween is probably one of the most popular “holidays” in the United States. So the entire month of October is under the sign of weirdness. It starts with decorating homes and running costume contests and extends to broadcasting horror movies in all cinemas.

But this year a horror trend took hold of the country: Mundaun, the video game from Switzerland.

Mundaun: Swiss horror at its best

Anyone who knows a little about the video game scene would probably not be surprised that horror games are especially popular around Halloween. Classics like “Dead Space” or “Resident Evil” are played up and down at this time.

But this year, American gamers are particularly fond of Mundaun, a scary video game from Switzerland. It was initially developed by Swiss artist and developer Michel Ziegler. Mundaun is a real place in the canton of Graub√ľnden and therefore the landscape of the game is also inspired by Switzerland.

The video game stands out because of the landscape and above all the design. The drawings are in pencil style and everything is done in sepia tones. These elements really give Mundaun an exotic look that clearly stands out from other current horror games.

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Then there is the landscape, somewhere in Switzerland nowhere. And anyone who knows movies like “The Wicker Man” (the old version from 1973) and “Midsommar” knows how horrifying this “peaceful” village scene can be just by looking at the supposedly poetic rooftop.

Pitchers instead of high tech

In fact, the plot of the game is reminiscent of old horror films. Mundaun begins with a man burning down a village and his grandson trying to find out exactly what happened.

Players are attacked with straw shapes and can only defend themselves with weapons like pitchforks. In this sense, Mundaun is also different from the latest version of Resident Evil Village, which has a similar scenario, but players can defend themselves with powerful weapons.

It is really surprising that the supposedly simple world with opponents not very strong and very primitive weapons continues in this way in the United States. But Mundaun is compelling for the exact same reason that old horror movies are sometimes more sinister than modern, high-tech productions.

Mundaun hits the nerve of the era

It is the atmosphere that creates a very scary feeling in this horror game. Because the zombies or ghosts that you can see are not as scary as a completely inexplicable eerie atmosphere.

Also, the fact that you are not a superhero with super weapons makes it even more scary. The longer you play, the greater the feeling.

He might also mention some prison feelings about the pandemic and lockdown. Or maybe the design and idea are refreshingly different.

Anyway, Mundaun seems to have hit and sour in the States, making it the perfect horror game of the year. Mundaun is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.

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