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Using certain programs and applications can improve our health
Many people these days are staring at a screen all day. Affected people use a computer at work and after work mostly use their smartphones. Usually, such behavior is expected to be unhealthy. But researchers have found that staring at screens a lot also has health benefits for some people.

Scientists from the University of Washington and Tufts University in Massachusetts found in a study that the use of new technologies helps improve health. With the use of cell phones and internet technologies, many people can improve their diet and physical activity. The doctors published their findings in the journal “Journal of the American Heart Association“.

Almost everyone has a mobile phone today.  Many people use their phones as much as possible.  In fact, staring at a screen can have health benefits as well.  It depends only on the applications or programs that we use.  (Photo: Syda Productions / fotolia.com)
Almost everyone has a mobile phone today. Many people use their phones as much as possible. In fact, staring at a screen can have health benefits as well. It depends only on the applications or programs that we use. (Photo: Syda Productions / fotolia.com)

Medical professionals examine data from more than 200 studies
A team of researchers from several universities has studied the effects of cell phone use and internet technology on our health. To do this, they analyzed data from over 200 different studies. The scientists explained that this study dealt with the effects on diet, physical activity, fighting obesity, and reducing tobacco and alcohol consumption. Of course, staring at your phone all day also has some downsides. Screens overload the head and lead to headaches and poor vision.

About 75 percent of the studies examined showed improvement in health
Experts found that a total of 75 percent of the studies examining the use of communication technologies found improvements at various health points. These technologies were, for example, applications or software for smart phones on the Internet that help reduce weight or measure physical activity using sensors.

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The results were surprising
Co-author Dr. says. Driouch Mozafarian from Tufts University. It’s actually hard to change people’s behavior. The expert adds that many people are using new technologies to improve their behavior and their health is surprising. Scientists have studied the effects of using online weight-loss programs. In about 60 percent of the studies, it was found that using other apps and software resulted in a significant weight loss between 2 and 12 pounds (0.9 kg and 5.5 kg).

Applications can improve physical activity
The team also looked at six studies related to mobile phone use and physical activity. They find that using mobile apps can definitely improve physical activity. Experts say this was observed in all but one of the studies. Basically, cell phones don’t just have advantages for us. For example, the bright screen light makes smartphones prevent us from sleeping at night. Screen sleep disturbances are particularly common among teens. The truth is not particularly surprising. Lots of young people stare at their cell phones every free minute.

The apps use basic principles to change behavior
There are known to change behavior, basic principles, and explains Dr. Mozaffarian. This includes self-monitoring with the records of the changes that occur. In addition to the talks and comments from other people. Participating in social self-help groups or working with like-minded people also helps change behavior. The doctor explains that it is precisely these principles that new applications and applications employ.

Some applications are working on improving the principles of behavior change
Co-author Dr. says. Ashkan Afshin University of Washington. The medical professional adds that when software used components like goal setting and self-monitoring, and used different types of communication and personalized messaging, it made them more effective.

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The effects were only examined briefly
However, most of the effects of the interventions have only been investigated in the short term. Because of this, long-term studies of the diet and changes in alcohol and tobacco consumption are needed, the authors say.

Applications are part of the future of healthcare
Applications on users of food must also seek professional help. Researchers found that many of the uses do not contain updated dietary recommendations. However, the use of other applications and technologies is expected to be part of the future of healthcare.

New studies are needed
When people perform a certain behavior for a certain period of time, that behavior becomes part of their lifestyle. Scientists say the new study should look into what really drives people to choose healthier lifestyles. (Such as)

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