Why You Probably Don't Need All Your Gigs And How To Save!

5G in France: rapid growth, but the reality of consumption is very different

The Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications, Posts and Press Distribution (Arcep), France's communications watchdog, recently published A study that sheds light on our mobile phone consumption habits.

According to this report, The number of 5G users witnessed amazing growth in 2023, With an additional 5 million active SIM cards, an impressive increase of 64%. These numbers show French enthusiasm for this new technology, as it promises ultra-fast speeds and lower latency.

However, alongside this rush towards 5G, there is a noticeable slowdown in growth on 4G networks, with only a modest increase of 4% in 2023. This stark contrast between the rapid adoption of 5G and the slowdown in 4G raises interesting questions about our motivations as consumers.

Are we really attracted by the superior performance of 5G networks, or are we simply attracted by the allure of novelty and marketing promises?

But the most telling number in this study relates to our actual mobile data consumption. In 2023, active customers on French mobile networks consumed an average of 14 GB per month. An increase, certainly, but only by about 2GB per year since 2018. This progress, although steady, is far from being as amazing as operators' mobile offerings might lead you to believe.

Operator packets: escalation for useless data?

In front of these numbers, a pressing question arises: Do we really need these Pharaonic plans that offer 80, 100, or even 300 GB of data per month? The answer, as is often the case, depends on your user profile.

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If you're a fan of HD video streaming, a fan of online gaming, or if you frequently share your connection to turn your smartphone into a mobile hotspot, then yes, these generous plans can be justified.

However, for the vast majority of us, these excessive offers are often unnecessary and, more importantly, more expensive. It is quite possible, and even desirable, to find packages that are more in line with our actual consumption, and therefore more economical. After all, why pay for gigabytes you'll never use?

How to find the perfect package: a personal mission

To make the right choices, here's a smart little roadmap in three small steps:

  • Analyze your consumption

The crucial first step is to take a hard look at your bills from the last 6 to 12 months. Calculate your average data consumption. You may be surprised to find that you're a long way from the 60GB your carrier told you was necessary.

  • Compare offer prices

Once you have evaluated your average consumption, visit our website and follow the news related to mobile phone plans to find the most advantageous offers and take advantage of the numerous plans that are frequently offered by mobile network operators and mobile network operators (MVNOs).

  • Consider other basic criteria

The amount of data is not the only criterion to take into consideration. The quality of network coverage in your area is essential. Likewise, if you're a frequent traveler, international roaming options can make a big difference. Also consider additional features such as eSIM for more flexible management of your subscription, or the possibility of getting an additional SIM card for your tablet or connected watch.

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In short: Take back control of your mobile phone plan

Operators tempt us with more generous data deals, but the truth is that most of us don't need them. By analyzing your actual consumption, you can make significant savings on your mobile plan, without compromising your user experience.

So, before you give in to the “always more” temptation of aggressive marketing campaigns, take a moment to think about your real needs.

Your wallet will thank you, and you'll feel good knowing you're paying for a service that adapts to your actual usage, nothing more and nothing less.

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