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Find all the information about Irelia in Wild Rift, the mobile version of League of Legends.

Irelia He is one of the heroes wild rift, the mobile game based on League of Legends. Find here all the details about the spells, as well as the places they are generally played in.

The recommended build (items, runes, spells that must be maxed out as priority…) will be added after the game’s official release.

Irelia spells on the Wild Rift

ionic enthusiasm (passive)

Irelia gets an attack speed bonus, which accumulates when hitting enemies with her skill. Once the maximum packages are stacked, they also gain extra damage.


fatal rush (1)

Irelia rushes forward, hits her target, and recovers from a health. If the target is selected or killed by the Fatal Rush, the skill will be unlocked.


Challenge dance (2)

Irelia charges an attack, the longer this charge lasts, the greater the damage. During the entire attack charge, the physical damage inflicted is reduced.


The perfect duo (3)

Irelia sends two blades and then they fly towards each other. If there were any enemies between these two blades, he would be stunned and marked while taking damage.

Irelia- R

Vanguard advice (latest)

Irelia shoots a large number of blades, and scatter when you hit a hero of enemies. Blades destroy and mark enemies, forming a wall that harms and slows heroes down.

The different situations where Irelia plays in Wild Rift

Irelia It fighter / killerIt is usually played in top lane.

Build items and runes on Irelia in the upper corridor

In order to reach.

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