Will Callisto Protocol AAAA – The Unlimited Video Game?

Through a document prepared for its investors, Crafton brought us news about it Callisto Protocol. Rather than expected, a horror game in space turned around Glenn Scofieldwho is none other than the creator and executive producer of another space horror game: Dead Space.

It was enough for a whole section of license fans to expect this new title to be a true and false sequel to Dead Space, or at least its successor. The good news seen amidst the financial results of Krafton (the parent company that owns Striking Distance Studios, which develops the game), is that Callisto Protocol Still expected for this year. We won’t get Starfield, but we’ll continue on our little stellar journey.

We note by passing that the title is now branded “PUBG” in its communication. Crafton also owns the original Battle Royale, and we knew that in a pretty amazing way, Callisto Protocol You will belong to the world of Player Unknown BattleGround. So the thing was confirmed.

An excerpt from the Crafton Report invokes the Callisto Protocol as a “Quadruple A”

but primarily, We can read that the game is being marketed as an AAAA title. A qualification does not yet exist in video games, even if other games are named “Quadruple A” or claim such a rating. This is a production that may exceed AAA (or “Triple A”), the name usually given to very large machines, such as GTAV, Ghost of Tsushima, or Resident Evil: Village, either the “blockbuster” equivalent of cinema.

There are a few iterations of games that may be “AAAA”. Among the few with this responsibility, The Perfect Dark and Crystal Dynamics for the initiative, are currently in development. Before revealing the title the studio is working on, while the latter is still seeking to hire its talents, an advertisement on LinkedIn sparked a desire to create ‘AAAA’ games. Ubisoft, according to the online resumes of some of its employees, will also be working on “AAAA”, including Beyond Good & Evil 2. We understand, Quadruple game currently does not exist.

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But what would a Quad A game be? A budget game that would far exceed Red Dead Redemption 2? A title with greater narrative ambitions than those in The Last of Us Part II or Elden Ring? But also a title that will require hundreds of months of development, and possibly countless hours of crunch. An address in which investments are made so that the board of directors has the same opinion as the director. Do video games need to move towards more visuals that are more photorealistic, bigger and more expensive than ever before?

If we, the players, are looking for ‘larger-than-life’ experiences, where the credibility of weaving motions competes with that of reflections in puddles, and where the characters’ eyes will finally reside, we must admit that in a world where it is a matter of becoming more rational in order to avoid self-destruction This AAAA story seems almost outdated.

Trek to Yomi once again recently showed us that a game can impress us graphically with mediocre means and a relatively small team. Among the games that already made the event in 2022, we found a surplus of Elden Ring, but let’s not forget that we also spent a lot of time playing Tunic, Vampire Survivors, or even… Wordle! The future of video games surely lies somewhere in the middle of all this.

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