Will the Marvel Snap beta continue the full game?

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Marvel Snap is a fast-paced tactical CCG featuring your favorite heroes and villains from the Marvel Universe. Although a release date has not been announced, the closed beta begins on May 24, 2022. Those who have had access to the beta may wonder if progress will carry over to the full version.

The answer is yes – progress will go from the Marvel Snap beta to the full version. This means that all the maps, avatars, and more that you unlock will be available on the first day of Marvel Snap’s release. This will give you an advantage over new players, as you will likely have built some strong combos by now.

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How to unlock more cards in Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap features over 150 heroes and villains, which may make you wonder how to unlock more cards. Here’s how to get more cards in a Marvel Snap.

  • achievement level
  • season pass
  • Nexus Events
  • Rank

Most of them can be achieved by playing the game only, and some are not in beta yet, so now focus on playing and winning matches in Marvel Snap to increase your card collection.

How to increase the level of achievement

At the end of each match, whether you win or lose, you will receive XP for one of your cards. This can visually improve your card, and in turn increase your level of attainment. As your deck level increases, you can earn new cards. So keep playing matches against other players to increase your group level.

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