Will there be more Bethesda games? New leak from E3 2021

Two days to goXbox & Bethesda Games Showcase, But the leaks have already begun. In these hours, a dubious picture of the anticipation of the arrival of new games on the Xbox game pass list is spreading on the web.

We could not verify the appearance of the image, which was shared by an official source such as Tom Warren of The Edge, but its content is undoubtedly interesting: as you can see at the bottom of this message, it looks like expected The arrival of three more Bethesda games on the Xbox Game Boss list, It Doom (2016), By evil e Fallout3 – Not really at the time of writing at all. The ID software shooter actually actually spent a period of time in service, from which it was removed in May 2020.

Microsoft has no official status, but the information seems credible to us. After the acquisition last March Many Bethesda games have come to the Xbox Game Pass, And those three mentioned above are still missing. Paradoxically, All of their heirs are currently available – Doom Eternal, The Evil Win and Fall 76. We only have full confirmation on Sunday, June 13 during the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase, which will begin at 19:00. Join Every Twitch Channel Follow it with our editorial team!

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Veronica Tucker

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