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Today is February 3, 2021 with issues Wind tray, The first of the two operators mentioned seems to have more of this. Thousands, second downdetector, Users Wind That Cannot receive and / or make calls. In fact, the problem is not the same for everyone, but mainly not for many who are unable to get phone calls.

Similarly, users of other operators (for example, DIM, PostMobile, Iliad and Vodafone have been reported) are unable to make calls to airline numbers, and this Air down On social networks. This time the company has not yet revealed itself in trouble, but you are not alone if you can not call or call with the wind today, February 3rd. It is also not certain that you have both incoming and outgoing problems (according to our tests 9).

If you have trouble calling us, let us know in the comments Wind Or if you have problems with other operators involved (and of any kind) (because the situation is not yet fully understood).

UpdateMinerals 20:15

Some users have also reported problems with their SIM Window internet connection.

UpdateOre 23:00

Late in the evening this issue seems to have been resolved for almost all users.

Update04/02/2021 – Mine 09:00

For some users “Under” It seems to have come back, and to others, including some of our readers, the issue continues. Above Downtector There are various reports from Wind, 3 Italia and Iliad users. In some parts of Italy the latter still relied on networks owned by Wind3. It seems there is no information from Wind 3 about the issues that started yesterday February 3rd.

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UpdateOre 13:30

With one Tweet Winter has solved the problem all over Italy. The problem is defined as random (and therefore random).

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