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Select change user command

For the first option, just press the buttons Ctrl + Alt + Del. It can also be their mapping, depending on which keyboard is used Ctrl + Alt + Del ring. This abbreviation, often referred to as the monkey grip or clamp, has long since stopped automatically restarting your computer, as it does in MS-DOS.

Instead, modern Windows versions display a list of different commands. Under Windows 10 version 20H2, you’ll find five options that you can control with the arrow keys or the mouse. Select Befe from ithl switch user.

Enter the password

Windows then displays the user accounts created on the computer in the lower left. When you click on the desired account, a field will appear in the middle of the screen below the username. Enter the associated password there and click on the arrow next to it. If you haven’t set an account password, just click the Sign in button.

Use the taskbar

The second option can be accessed by clicking on the start icon on the taskbar. Then select the icon of the currently logged in user in the left area. On top of that, Windows displays all other accounts available on the computer.

sign in

Click the name of the user who should be logged in again. Windows now displays the login dialog known from Method 1, where the previously selected user is already highlighted. All you have to do is enter the password for the user account and click on the arrow next to it or press Enter – Done.

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