Windows 10: These functions are no longer applicable

Windows 10 might update: Some old functionality must give way to new features.

MIcrosoft released the May 2021 Update (version 21H1) for Windows 10. As with every major Windows 10 update, it brings some innovations – but the red pen is also used: Microsoft has completely deleted some functionality from the operating system. Others end up on the fringes and no longer develop. COMPUTER BILD contains all the information.

Windows 21H1: These functions are no longer applicable

If you want to install the May update, you should check beforehand if any functions that may still be required will not be lost. For this reason, Microsoft owns an List of discontinued jobs Submitted. The good news: In 21H1, only two features are gone:
  • XDDM based remote display driver: Support for Windows 2000 Display Driver Model (XDDM) remote display drivers was removed in this release. Software vendors using XDDM driver should switch to the WDDM drive model – details.
  • Microsoft Edge: The old version of Microsoft Edge was no longer supported since March 9, 2021, and has therefore been removed from this version of Windows – details. Here you can find all the information about Microsoft’s new Edge Chromium browser.

Windows 21H1: features deprecated

  • Personalisierungs – Roaming: Roaming customization settings (including wallpaper, slideshow, highlight colors, and lock screen images) have not been developed and may be removed in a future release.
  • Windows Management Instrumentation (WMIC) command-line tool: The WMIC tool in Windows 10 21H1 and Windows Server Semi-Annual Edition are out of date. It was made by Windows PowerShell for WMI Replacement. Note: This only applies to Command line tool, WMI itself is unaffected.
  • Internet Explorer 11: IE11 Desktop Application Support Ends June 15, 2022 for Certain Operating Systems – Details.
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Recently Deleted Jobs

Not the first time, Microsoft has removed features from Windows. When switching from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10, many of the often beloved programs are no longer needed. And previous Windows 10 releases left feathers, too. Here is an overview:

  • Windows 10 20H2: The MBAE service (Mobile Broadband Account Experience) Replaced. Metadata removed.
  • Windows 10 2004: In this version it was Cortana Outsourcing as a separate application. As a result, the old voice control capabilities, such as playing music and controlling smart home functions, are no longer available. Also Windows to go – The option to transfer Microsoft OS to a USB flash drive has been removed for use. Applications Cellular definitions And the Correspondence Removed from Non-Cellular Devices, but still supported. PC manufacturers can also integrate it into mobile compatible devices with Windows Photos. In addition to the application Connect to a wireless display far. She can in Settings Under Applications And the Optional features It is reinstalled.
  • Windows 10 1909: In this version Sync taskbar settings Which ceased to be developed from the 1903 version onwards. In addition, the legacy network protocol PNRP (Peer Name Resolution Protocol), which was deprecated in version 1809, has been removed.

100 aides in daily life

Useful for users who have made the switch

Restore abolished jobs

But don’t worry: many lost or painfully lost functions can be easily modified in Windows 10. With the free missing feature installer, you can get some functions that are gone with the touch of a button. COMPUTER BILD also shows the best Windows 10 missing programs in the above gallery. Tools give you, for example, long-awaited tabs in Windows Explorer or better Windows search.

100 Download Tips

Retrofit jobs

There is an app for this!

Even if Microsoft long ago stopped offering UWP (Universal Windows Platform) apps introduced with Windows 10 long ago: Many lost functions can now be easily removed from Microsoft Store Retrofit. Compared to traditional desktop software, these are usually less cluttered, more visually modern, and also safer – because the store is regularly scanned for malware by Microsoft. So if you missed out on a specific function, it’s worth taking a look at the gallery above with the top 100 Windows apps.

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