Windows 10 will make your life easier if you use multiple monitors

Microsoft announced a correction to the way it handles windows on computers with multiple screens. From now on, PC wake up will not install all windows in the same place anymore.

If Microsoft Surface Laptop Go

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go // Source: Arnaud Gelineau – Frandroid

Since remote work appeared almost everywhere in the world, over a year ago, many employees have moved to work from home, sometimes using two screens on Windows 10 computers. However, even when Windows used to manage this kind of configuration. For several decades now, it’s still potentially causing some problems.

The issue which is well known to users is already called Rapid Hot Plug Detect – or Rapid HPD. This is how a Windows PC with multiple displays connected via DisplayPort realigns the different windows by mounting them on top of each other when exiting standby. Even if your windows were well organized before your computer went to sleep, you will need to rearrange them one by one when you wake up your computer.

No more clutter in your windows

This is the issue Microsoft Teams finally has, as described in the company’s blog dedicated to DirectX development: We have corrected the rearrangement of the windows in the event of a rapid HPD.. The latest update to Windows 10 within the Windows Insider Program enables it to correct the issue so that various windows remain in place, even when the computer wakes from sleep mode.

On the left is the current behavior, on the right is the correction made by Microsoft

On the left is the current behavior, on the right is the correction made by Microsoft // Source: Microsoft

To take advantage of this patch, you must be currently enrolled in the Windows Insider Program and have installed Windows 10 build 21287. This feature is clearly intended to be offered to all long-term Windows 10 users. However, Microsoft has yet to specify when the feature will be available to everyone in the latest version of Windows 10.

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As a reminder, Microsoft is planning to carry out a major update of its OS during 2021. This will redesign the OS interface with more rotation. We should know more at the Microsoft Build developer conference, scheduled for the end of May.

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