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Sometimes the big news is made out of nothing. And sometimes trivia is really big news, at least if you look at it with a twinkle in your eye: Microsoft has finally managed to revise the Windows 11 volume indicator visually.

This popup has been a running gag since Windows 10 came out, because Microsoft simply took the look from Windows 8 at the time. Over the years, Windows users have repeatedly requested a revision, but the old design has also remained unchanged in Windows 11.

Now, with Windows 11 Insider Build 22533 in the Developer Channel, there’s finally a new, fresh volume control display (see above). The visuals for camera brightness and status and Airplane Mode have also been revised.

Another innovation in the Insider build is that you can now uninstall the “Uhr” app, making another system app optional.

Your Smartphone app is receiving an update to the Insider app, which includes a new display for ongoing calls:

Your phone Anrufe

As always, all changes, fixes, and known issues can be uploaded to a file Windows Blog can be read.

Last but not least, Insider build 22533 is also available as an ISO file, and as usual it can be downloaded from Downloadseite From the Insider Program.

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