Windows 11: Test the new interface with this site

Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 11, is still in development. We already know most of its new features such as the appearance of the new interface and its start menu in the center by default, the widget panel that opens with one click or the updated appearance of the parameters.

But it is already possible to test it by installing it on a test computer thanks to the Windows Insider Program, which is open to all with a simple registration. Two methods are available, one is by updating a version of Windows 10, or even more recently using the installation ISO files provided by Microsoft to perform a fresh installation.

But these methods are only recommended when you have a machine meant for tests, it is best to avoid tampering with your only working computer due to the instability of these beta versions. It is also possible to use a virtual machine with dedicated software if you have a powerful enough hardware.

When these conditions are not met, another alternative is offered today thanks to the developer. Everyone who calls themselves “Blue Edge” has designed a A dynamic website that can be accessed at this address Emulate the Windows 11 interface. It is also possible to perform actions by launching the start menu or by accessing the Edge browser and the new Microsoft Store.

Here’s what to wait for the final version of Windows 11 scheduled for the end of the year. It will still be necessary to have a compatible computer to take advantage of the free update. To find out, the program enumerates the required points on your computer and makes its judgment to you.

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