Windows 11, the first screen shots and official wallpapers are online

Now no doubt: Windows 11 is a fact. The New windows, Which will be offered next to Microsoft June 24, In recent days it has already been the subject of rumors and news Change of naming For those who have Clues left by Microsoft. A few hours ago, a post on a Chinese portal Typa byte Showed the world first Screen shots in Windows 11, Confirms the name by making various rumors more true.

From the screen shots we report below, the writing is clearly visible Windows 11 Pro, Which also ensures that there are different versions of the operating system, as has happened with previous generations. There are also messages about the structure, which can be found at 21996.1.

From the pictures (from the Chinese portal and from On the edge) You can see New user interface, Now similar to the removed Windows 10X. The UI seems to be simplified with the bar Press the Start button in the Applications and Center (Which can also be placed on the left), new icons and rounded corners, however no message to the Microsoft Store. In the new interface, the Widget, Inserted where it appears as a separate part.

However, the leaks on the web are not just some pictures of Windows 11, and more ISO of the initial version of the operating system. The OS image weight is 4.54GB and can be Downloaded at this address (Many other glasses were found on the web), however we have not tested it ourselves, so we advise you to download (try) at your own risk.

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The version of Windows 11 that leaked into the web was tested by colleagues On the edge, Who confirmed its authenticity and shared some of the screenshots you see in this article. Among the innovations seems to be a new Xbox application that integrates directly into the operating system of Microsoft, which provides an updated user interface and allows quick access to the GamePass library.

Also in Byte, user Zeeler shared additional screen shots, this time related Notification Center And some configuration settings. In this case we see an updated graphics as per the guidelines of Microsoft Fluent Design.

The geeler has also uploaded what the two should be on the Chinese portal Official Windows 11 Wallpapers, Is available in light and dark versions, probably in conjunction with the light theme and the dark theme of the operating system.

In short, it seems New windows Has fewer and fewer secrets: the appointment is next June 24, at 5pm Italian time Microsoft will reveal it to the world.

Veronica Tucker

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