Windows 3.1 on iPad: Finally a true tablet operating system!

Who really needs to have macOS on iPad to enjoy a complete operating system with floating windows? Just install the good old Windows 3.1 on your tablet! Operation possible with the app مع iDOS 2 and these Few explanations, English, by Benj Edwards.

The app, which costs €5.49, is one of the very few emulators allowed on the App Store. It runs DOS games and software on your iOS device, thanks to the open source x86 DOSbox emulator. Apple has some is fishing At the beginning of the decade, but since the app has been discontinued…but perhaps that will change after this relatively simple hack comes out.

The hardest part is getting the Windows 3.1 installer file. It is always possible to recover the contents of the floppy disks that are in the cabinet (so you have a license). For the rest, the easiest way is to create a folder on Mac (call it w3setup) with the contents of the floppy disks, and then drop them on the iPad in the first level of the iDOS 2 folder, which the application created in the location on my ipad.

In iDOS 2, type the command w3setupsetup And allow yourself to walk away from the Windows 3.1 Configuration Wizard. At the end of the procedure, restart the iDOS application (by swiping it from the multitasking panel), then type the command win. Welcome to 1992!

Of course, your first instinct will be to launch Solitaire, but many others are waiting for you such as Calculator, Clock, Paintbrush, Notepad… What (fairly good) memories! And it all works perfectly with a keyboard and mouse or trackpad.

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Benj Edwards suggests going even further with voice activation (you’ll have to download and install the driver for Soundblaster 16 Creative Audio!) and other goldmine games Internet Archive.

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