With a new goal in the aerial match, Christian Benteke stands in the clouds

It was Christian Benteke’s goal that allowed Crystal Palace to keep Arsenal under control without wasting the end of the match entirely (two goals in stoppage time to achieve 1-3). Whatever it was, the quota for that meeting has been minuscule for Roy Hodgson players who have nothing to hope for this season (they are 13). Apart from the fun.

This is what Benteke did. In addition to fighting on every ball, the palace striker suffered from Arsenal’s defense: three attempts plus a superb header after a long free kick from the left of the Great Rectangle (62: 1-1).

Another one for his group. This is the 32nd time a scorer has scored a 1.90m header since joining the Premier League. This allows him to enter the top 8 most effective head players in the history of the English championship.

This season is also the sixth time (out of ten goals he has scored) that he has used his forehead to score an opponent’s net. The Belgian hasn’t scored much in five seasons (15 goals in 2015-2016).

Moreover, Benteke has just scored in four consecutive matches, which has not happened since April 2013. What’s more, he has scored 50% of his team’s goals in the last 15 games.

At 30 years old, has the former Liverpool and Aston Villa player found a second youngster? His average of one goal every 181 minutes is in any case his third best in the past eight seasons.

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