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A new feature on Instagram that sorts direct messages.

Instagram is giving users new ways to protect themselves from direct messages from strangers that contain hate speech and insults. In the future, you can create a list of words, sentences, and emojis that should be filtered. Requests for messages containing these messages in a separate folder will end. Instagram manager Alexander Kleist said on Wednesday that inquiries can be reported unread for review from there. Similar posts can also be followed on Facebook. Premium users have already blocked message requests from strangers. But many wanted to keep it open so everyone could write to them. With the new feature, Instagram is trying to offer a more secure way to do this. In addition to their own list, users can initially refer to a group prepared by Instagram. Instagram and Facebook use software to filter posts containing insults. But they do not have access to direct messages. Instagram also wants to make it more difficult for people who are already blocked to contact them again from a new account.

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