Without OxygenOS, Are You Still Ready to Buy OnePlus?

After the recent announcement of the upcoming abandonment of OxygenOS, what is your stance on the future of the brand? Is this change obstructing your eyes or vice versa, is it good? Let us know in our poll for this week!

Without OxygenOS, Are You Still Ready to Buy OnePlus?

On Monday, September 20, OnePlus announced important news for the future of its brand: OnePlus smartphones will not be launched with OxygenOS by the end of 2022. It was Pete Lau himself, co-founder of OnePlus and now product manager of Oppo and OnePlus, who broke the news during a digital panel discussion he attended Frandroid and various other media.

OnePlus brand?

Reactions to this announcement were numerous. For some fans of the brand, that’s too much. For them, it’s like OnePlus without OxygenOS Apple without a son Lightning. Especially since timeAnnouncing the merger with OppoThe brand has confirmed several times that its operating system will still be relevant.

OxygenOS has been a huge part of the identity of OnePlus smartphones. The Chinese brand confirms that the new operating system will combine the best of OxygenOS and Color OS. What can reassure some and some fans of the brand? Maybe we’re already seeing a OnePlus revival?

And now?

Because it is true that in recent months, the company has raised many questions and Many people are already worried about losing its authenticity. Some fans may have already turned the page.

There is finally an irreducible camp for which the OnePlus experience was not limited to its operating system. For them, this interface change could be good news.

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Still interested in OnePlus?

In this context, but also in order to see it more clearly, we would like to dedicate our survey of the week to this question.


Without OxygenOS, Are You Still Ready to Buy OnePlus?

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