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Soon there will be a small shop on Vorstadtstrasse in Wolfach – SMC-Computer will close at the end of the year. Photo: Photos: Weis

After 25 years at Vorstadtstraße 38 in Wolfach, Siegmar Marschall gave up his business — for health reasons, but also for economic reasons, he says. A lot has changed in computer technology during this time.

Wolfach / Schapbach. After 25 years, Siegmar Marschall closed his SMC computer store on Vorstadtstrasse in Wolfach. It will expire on December 31 this year. In 1996, Marshall bought the house from Leybold, who had set up its own system technology there at the time. Marshall worked as an electronics technician for the company.

“The first few years the business was fine and you could still make good money. At that time we were virtually the only umpires in our field and only a few knew about computers and software,” Marshall reports. He also offered computer software courses for a short time, but VHS courses and classes in schools made this unnecessary. At the height of his work in the store, he had four employees who took care of management, technology, and training.

There were always enough repairs

However, over the years online trading has become the biggest problem facing Marshall and his computer company. “People are no longer willing to spend more money on products they buy locally. That’s why I can almost no longer make a living selling them,” he says.

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He always has enough repairs, and many customers come to him with products purchased on the Internet in case they break down. “You feel like a scapegoat when people need you after all, but I’ve always been loved and helped every customer. It’s always important to me that no one is left hanging,” says the store owner. That’s why Marshall also wants to register a small business and continue to take care of his regular clients (see info).

Marshall noticed the direction he was going 15 years ago – it was a gradual process. Then three years ago, on his family’s advice, he started a part-time job and worked 60 percent there. Now he wants to continue in that position without the store, for health reasons too, he says. “I’m also not the youngest anymore and I don’t want to break down anymore. If you have a shop, you should be there and I have something to do all Saturdays and I’ve had client appointments in the evenings – that’s too much in the long run,” says the 61-year-old general.

Never regret to enter your own store

However, his shop closed with a weeping eye at the end of the year. Discovering his enthusiasm for computers in his youth, Marshall completed his apprenticeship as an electronics technician and “goed through everything from big to small computers.” The fact that this era will soon end is “painful,” says Schapacher.

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Computer technology was his life. “When I saw the balance sheet of 1997 when I was liquidating the balance sheet, tears welled up in my eyes. However, I have never regretted taking this step in self-employment to this day.”

Like the last couple, the early years weren’t easy either, but they were definitely worth it, says Marshall.

In his SMC-Computer store in Wolfach, Siegmar Marschall provided not only computers, but also services, repair service and accessories. He wants to continue taking care of existing customers and selling accessories. It will still be possible to order accessories as well. Siegmar Marschall can be reached in Bad Rippoldsau-Schapbach, Rippoldsauer Straße 17 by phone 07839/9 68 24 or by e-mail at [email protected].

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