Wood sells updated Pixelbook Go laptops without Google branding

Wood sells a block Updated Pixelbook Go laptops starting at 30 530 For the base model with the Intel Core M3 processor, 64GB storage and FHD touchscreen display (usually 50 650 newer), the Core i7 model has 256GB storage and 16GB RAM up to 25 7GB. These include a 90-day warranty by Wood with the option of extending coverage for one year with the Scooter protection plan. Vendor says it will receive software updates through Google by June 2026, though not as retail units. Wood does not make claims about their physical condition, which usually makes for updated products.

As far as discounts go, prices are good, however this is not the most interesting thing about these Chromebooks. Laptops selling Wood (owned by Amazon) have been reduced. By the way, no Google icons are named on the device. Instead – it gets better – it has a “product name” printed on the top of the keyboard, which usually says “Pixelbook Cell”. On the top of the lid, it usually shows the Google “G”, which is completely gone in the updated models, changing it to look like a different logo This pixelbook leaked long before the laptop was actually released.

Google said On the edge It didn’t deliver these units, and Wood didn’t know how to end up with them, which I think was very entertaining. I don’t know about you, but I never wanted one of these more than I do now. It’s like a laptop made explicitly for a sitcom TV show, with all the brand names being replaced by knock-off logos and names.

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If you were inspired by this updated Google non-Pixelbook file, you can check out Wood’s deal today.

Product Name Pixelbook Go (Updated)

Prices taken at the time of publication.

This is the updated Google Pixelbook Go, but without the Google logo on the lid or the name of the laptop above the keyboard. In this way, it is a limited edition item with a strange, attractive power.

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