Xbox and Bethesda Games Show: Over an hour and a half into the show! | Xbox One

Summer Fest 2022 is in full swing, with a variety of conferences all dedicated to the games of today and tomorrow. The event of particular interest to us, the Xbox & Bethesda Game Show, will take place on Sunday 12th June at 7pm (French time) and will of course follow on

The longer the better!

The Xbox & Bethesda game show is bound to be the highlight of Summer Game Fest 2022 for anyone in the Xbox community. It is clear that this event will make it possible to discover the novelties that we will be able to put up with in a few months or years. If we can reasonably expect a show with its share of trailers, we can nonetheless question how much time Microsoft will devote to the exercise.

In a recent tweet, the brand’s director of communications, Aaron Greenberg, called out all the local times so you don’t miss the start of the show. He also took the opportunity to add that the conference will last at least 95 minutes, or an hour and 35 minutes on air! So it will be 10 minutes longer than last year. Remember, the Xbox & Bethesda game show will be broadcast globally, in no less than 30 different languages. Book your evening!

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