Xbox – Bethesda speaks to PlayStation fans who feel excluded after purchasing

On Betha’s Pete Hines and the latest related live broadcast Xbox, Elder Scrolls Developer Company, Fallout (and many more) a Message to PlayStation fans Who felt excluded after the acquisition Bethesda From Xbox.

Hines said very honestly: “I have no idea Because how to say it … I do not know. I do not know the answer. No I know her, I do not want to tell you. I do not know. “He continued,” Other sites have Xbox brands, first. I think pointing is an important thing. Minecraft has not ceased to exist on other platforms since Mojang was purchased by Xbox. This is a game that has been heavily played on all platforms. It reads “Sorry, you don’t play anything in Bethesda anymore”. Of course, there are things you can’t play with [su PlayStation]”.

He later said: “Starfield has been announced as an Xbox exclusive product. I don’t know if I can go so far as to say you can no longer play anything. PlayStation. But again, I do not know the answer now. ”

Bethesda owns many high quality brands

Greenberg said first-party Microsoft games will always come Even on the computer And in the cloud, on the Xbox, “We’re not saying you have to buy an Xbox to play those games.” Hines specifically suggested focusing on what Microsoft does with the cloud, adding that at some point it won’t be a question of which platform you have.

In essence, Bethesda and Xbox continue to deliver. “Let’s look from case to case“From game to game. Unfortunately this does not provide any protection for players, but of course the best solution for playing Bethesda games now is to access the Xbox Game Pass.

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Speaking of Microsoft service, we remind you that Greenberg is asking their children not to call themselves “Game Boss”. Also, here are 10 new games coming to T1 released on Gamescom 2021.

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