Xbox Series X dashboard: March rolling out

We are rolling out the extensive Xbox dashboard update for March.

The extensive Xbox Dashboard Update is rolling out for the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Series S. We’ve summarized all the changes for you.

Here are the most important changes at a glance:

  • New settings for FPS Boost and Auto HDR are available for backward compatible games
  • Achievements go back to the Xbox mobile app
  • A new way to manage Xbox subscriptions comes to the console
  • Xbox Accessories app will update on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S and Windows 10 before the launch of the Xbox Wireless Headset
  • OneGuide TV menus have been removed
  • Improved loading times for management screens within “My Games and My Applications”

In February, the Xbox team announced that backwards compatible games improve with FPS Boost. Options to switch between FPS Boost and Auto HDR are now introduced:

In the management settings for your game, you can choose compatibility options and turn Auto HDR and FPS Boost on or off. Once you restart the game, your choice will be applied. You can check this by pressing the Xbox button and checking the gauges below the watch. Not every game supports these features, so compatibility options may not be available for your current game.

At the top right of the screen, you can see “Auto HDR” and “FPS Boost”.

Achievements will be back soon! Microsoft has heard fan feedback that the community wants to take back the achievements in the Xbox app on the phone. Microsoft this month is testing several milestones with the app, first with a limited number of players and then for everyone.

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