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The Xbox Series X is sold in only one color today, which is Matte Black. For its part, the Xbox Series S is sold in white, and no other model is offered at the moment. Microsoft does not offer customization and customization items for the new Xbox, but many players have started customizing their console since the devices were launched.

LED lights on the top of the Xbox Series X.

When the Xbox Series X was revealed, one would have thought that the green light had gone out from the console from the top, which is where the console’s air vents are. But we later found out that it was actually an optical effect as green paint was stuck inside these air vents.

However, some gamers wanted to reproduce the effect of light coming out from the Xbox Series X with the addition of LED lights. The process takes only 15 minutes, is fairly easy and does not require special skills. The video below, shared by a Reddit member, shows how to do this with a T8 screwdriver.

The first step is to unscrew two screws on the back of the console to remove the back cover for the Xbox Series X. You must then remove the fan from the console by unscrewing the 3 screws and then disconnecting its connector. Then put the LED lights inside the console and put everything back in place.

Warranty and overheating, what are the Xbox Series X risks?

If this type of manipulation is fairly easy, it is nonetheless recommended that you take some precautions and considerations before starting it. The first is that unlocking the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S instantly ends your Xbox console warranty. So you should think carefully before unlocking your new console, even when it is handled with the utmost care. I called Xboxygen, on a date SAV Xbox Confirms that the Xbox Series X warranty is void in this specific case.

The controller will be considered tampered with when the owner opens the device and makes some changes to the controller itself and the warranty will be forfeited. If there are any problems with the controller, we can help you process the repair order, but the controller should still be under warranty.

Obviously, the second thing to consider with the addition of LEDs on the Xbox Series X is the heater. Even if LEDs consume very little energy, they still emit heat, no matter how little. However, the fan is precisely placed on top of the console to emit an air call and remove heat from the console. It’s always best to avoid adding more, especially if your console is placed in a poorly ventilated area. Let’s add that the LED strip gives more heat when rolled.

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There are gamers who have been able to illuminate their Xbox Series X console by using LED lights placed inside the console without opening it, but even if the warranty persists in this particular case, the issue of heating is still an issue.

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