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At this time, it seemed that Microsoft could do this: if not achieve high sales (and “win the generation”), at least establish a performance hierarchy that should have given an advantage over Sony. But not: The Xbox Series X is more powerful than the PS5, but only on paper.

The larger of the two consoles from the Redmond house has more sophisticated components and showcases its GPU computing power. 12 TFLOPS on PlayStation 5 and 10.23Yet this clear distinction is not seen in sports.

Far from it: we probably face Two sites that are always the same From this point of view, performance in third-party games is essentially completely equal (only valid for direct comparison, obviously) and therefore only able to stand out for specifics and certain features.

There is a reason, but it is too late to recover

The editorial staff of Digital Foundry believe they finally understand the reason for this paradoxical situation: as revealed by several triple A developers, Sony is available And versatile development tools And easy to use when delivered Best optimized hardware Where it is needed.

PS5 Slim

It really looks like it Relive the challenge between Xbox 360 and PS3, but with the roles reversed: During the seventh generation, thanks to the console that Microsoft had dominated for years, it was less powerful on paper, but easier to program and exploit, it was actually able to offer an “elevated version” of many platform titles.

What happened next, and the Japanese company's amazing recovery and ability to quickly return to the top, is worth noting once again. We're more than keen to note that Xbox hasn't been able to reverse this trend in nearly four years, and now even the flag of overpowering is disappearing. The arrival of the much talked about PS5 Pro.

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What we will see from the end of this year will be a more complex battle, fought on different fronts and sometimes with opposing approaches, which will see the introduction. GTA 6 is a potential centerpiece The outcome of the conflict and Xbox's last attempt with its next (last?) console in 2026.

In their pursuit of success, the hope is that both companies will continue to produce their best products: one way or another, we'll be here to enjoy them. And you? Let's talk about.

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