Xbox update coming soon after Xbox Live outage over the weekend | Xbox One

The weekend was marked by connectivity and access issues with Xbox games and services. We discussed Failure When I arrived things seem to be getting better now. The good news is that the Xbox teams have found something that will make things even better going forward.

New Xbox update coming soon

In a message, team Xbox support She said she had planned an update that would be published in the coming days.

We’ve seen a significant improvement in an issue that prevented some users from purchasing and playing games. We expect a full mitigation in the next few days as a new update rolls out.

In an editorial published today, we decried the fact that Xbox consoles are almost unusable When this type of failure occurs. In fact, many players have not been able to launch their games, including when their console is offline and when the games have already been purchased.

It seems that DRM protection is spoiling the equation, and we hope Microsoft can hear the message and develop their systems so that games can be accessed offline on all occasions.

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