Xiaomi Mi 8 with Windows 11 works better than your PC

This mobile has been updated to Windows 11.

Today, it is no longer surprising that some mobile devices perform better than a computer. For example, there are already smartphones with 12 GB of RAM, which was practically unthinkable a few years ago. Are mobile phones today still computers that fit in the palm of our hands.

And while Android cannot be compared to a desktop operating system… What do you think if you were told that some smartphone might have Windows 11 installed? Yes Yes, the last operating system from Microsoft which has not yet been released.

This Xiaomi has Windows 11 as its own operating system

Windows 11 on Xiaomi Mi 8

Windows 11 is the new operating system from Microsoft that will replace Windows 10. An operating system that is still in the testing phase and which, although it can be tested on computers, still needs time to develop. It is one hundred percent stable and usable. .

Now, as we read in Gizmochina, Xiaomi Mi 8 has been updated to Windows 11. No, we were not wrong but we repeat it again, Xiaomi Mi 8 has been updated to Windows 11.

This project of bringing Windows 11 to a phone like Xiaomi Mi 8 is getting amazing results. Support for GPUs and Wi-Fi as well as power management have been announced. However, there are a lot of other options that are still useless. This is the case with Bluetooth or the graphics console, although this is expected to be resolved in the coming weeks.

Honestly, that a smartphone like the Xiaomi Mi 8 can run Windows 11 is a big step, especially when so many PCs aren’t compatible with it. Best of all, Xiaomi is not the only device capable of this, but it is also the Microsoft Lumia 950 XL among others with Snapdragon 845 processors.

Either way, the day when smartphones can run desktop operating systems is getting closer and closer and this will open up a lot of possibilities for users, especially those who use their phone as if it were working as a small portable office.

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